Monday, April 9, 2007

Something or Nothing

Sometimes I can't decide whether I don't blog because there's nothing to say or because there's so much to say that I don't have time/space/energy to say it.

What Has Occurred Recently:
-- I hosted a Japanese international student for the month of March, that was an awesome experience.
-- Over spring break I went on a very fun road trip with some friends who I truly enjoy and appreciate.
-- My adorable nephew, Gavin, was legally adopted by my sister on March 30th.

What I've Been Feeling Recently:
Emotions are ridiculous sometimes.
Lonley, happy, stupid, content, guilty, peaceful, ...tell me if that mix of emotions makes any sense at all--and sometimes all within the same hour!

What I've Been Thinking About Recently:
-- Lots of theological questions that I thought I would have "solved" by now. ;-)
-- The absurdity of a fickle, finite being in relationship with a faithful, infinite God....and what that relationship should look like.
-- Whether or not I can help anyone at all...and how it should be done.
-- Friendship, faith, politics, social concern and justice, men and women...
-- The list goes on

I guess that should give you a whollistic summary of my life--what I'm thinking, feeling, doing... Sorry it's not very cohesive...or interesting. :-)