Wednesday, May 21, 2008

They Accepted!

Just wanted to let everyone know that my offer on a house was accepted!

If everything goes well, our closing date should be early July.

Someone called me "Kristi the homeowner." which may be premature, but sounded terribly exciting to me.

So, I'm not sure how early is "too early" to post pictures of a house with a sale pending, but I'm too excited not to. :-)
The front of the house (obviously).

Living Room (with gas fireplace).

Kitchen & part of Dining Area.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


That's what I'm doing.

Yesterday I was sick. Today I feel somewhat better, but I'm still weak and tired. I'm waiting to have energy again.

I made an offer on a house, but still don't know if they'll accept or reject it. I don't even know when I'll know by. I'm waiting and hoping.

I miss being a part of a church community. I've visited lots of places, but haven't yet decided where I want to settle. I'm waiting for peace regarding this decision.

It's killin' me! I just want to feel! To know! To decide! To take some action! And yet...... I'd rather be waiting in the Lord's will than acting outside of it.


Okay, Lord. I'll wait for your timing.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

My Life 6.0 - The Update We've All Been Waiting For

If I were to divide my life into different versions of me, the way software companies release different versions of a program, I would be on the verge of my sixth release. Each release is similar in many ways, and often retains the same structure as the previous versions, but is different in some key way.

A run down on my life's versions (or stages, if you prefer), with a few characteristics of each release:

My Life 1.0 - Childhood
playing in the yard, unaware of the scariness of life

My Life 2.0 - Bad Adolescence
6th-9th grade, selfish, angry, low self-esteem.

My Life 3.0 - Good Adolescece
Increasing love for God, others, and self. Fun.

My Life 4.0 - College
Venturing out, working, learning how to minister.

My Life 5.0 - Cascade
2005-2008, first true independence, ministry-focused.

And now, what we've all been waiting for! What will the next version of my life hold?

My Life 6.0 - Grandma
Learning to be a servant, taking big financial steps.

So, the exciting news that I am bursting to tell all of you is that I've just been pre-approved for a home loan! This is an exciting dream come true for me. I am looking to buy a ranch-style home on the east side of Portland for me and my Grandmother to live in. My gram has Parkinson's Disease, and is currently in a care home, but we will soon be transitioning her into my home so that I can become her full-time caregiver. I am very excited about this opportunity to love and serve an amazing woman who means so much to me. I think that since I love her,, and don't merely view her as a patient, I will be able to improve her quality of life and provide the companionship that her current home is lacking.

If I'm honest, I'll admit that I'm also a little bit scared. When you live alone, your selfishness isn't visible, because your concerns are all you consider. But I'm afraid that living with Gramma, my selfishness will become quite visible as I learn to consider her concerns as well. I have felt quite strongly that it has been the Lord leading me to this though, so I will be trusting him to give me humility and a loving servant's heart each day.

So, that is what my plans are for the future. If you feel so inclined, please pray for the home-buying process, that God would provide me with an affordable home that will work well for both Gramma and me, and is close to my parents. Also, please pray for my heart, that it would be soft and humble and selfless and that I would follow the beautiful example of Jesus, who willingly submitted to death in order to serve the needs of those he created and loves.