Monday, June 30, 2008

The Sweetness of Wounded Pride

Our heads were bowed over a fast food table. The 6th grader I meet with each week was sitting across from me praying in a sweet, sincere voice.

"Lord, thank you so much for today, and that we were able to get together today and talk about you. It means so much to me that whenever I need someone I can always count on--" At this point, my chest swelled with pride that she felt she could count on me. "You," she finished.

I smiled. My silly pride wants to be important; it makes me feel good when students know that I'm here for them. But since the whole goal of my interaction with them is actually to encourage them to deepen their relationship with God, it makes me even happier when they know they can turn to him. I won't deny that my pride was restored a bit when she later expressed thankfulness for me, but overall, I'd say her priorities are just right.